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AngularJS and TypeScript directives

Posted on 2015-03-14

TypeScript has not taken much ground in the AngularJS community yet. Here’s a small tutorial on how to write directives in TypeScript.

We’re currently building a UI that has multiple independent sections. For each of them, we will write a directive that handles everything on its own.

With that in mind, here’s a simple TypeScript directive for AngularJS.

module app.controllers {

    export interface ISomeScope {
        Customer: models.Customer;
        Provinces: shared.models.Province[];
    export function consumer($scope: ISomeScope,
        $routeParams: IIdNumberRouteParams,
        provincesService: {

        $scope.Provinces = [];

        // Here, $scope.Customer should be equal to what is passed in as a parameter.

        // See the next snippet for a sample.

        var provincesPromise = provincesService.GetAll().then(data => {
            $scope.Provinces = data;
            return data;

        ["$scope", "$routeParams", ""])
        () => {
            return {
                scope: {
                    Customer: "=customer"
                templateUrl: "app/customers/customer-editor.html",
                replace: true,
                controller: "app.controllers.customer"

Then, it can be used in a view as such:

    <customer-editor customer="CurrentScope.CurrentCustomer" />

Those a little less familiar with AngularJS directives will need to understand that when declaring it, the scope value declares which attributes can be passed to that directive.

Declaring the Customer in the ISomeScope interface is very practical since it’s now explicit what this controller needs. It also makes for easier testing.

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