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HTTPS everywhere!

Posted on 2017-02-08

What’s this!? Your trafic to this site is now encrypted!

No one can know your dirty secrets except me!

Because of Let’s Encrypt and Hostineer, I now have a fully secure HTTPS website! And it was super easy.

Let’s Encrypt is a recently created Open Certificate Authority that allows any individual to create and install SSL/TLS certificates on their websites. The certificates are valid for 90 days and there is even a tool (CertBot) that can automate renewal regularly. Therfore, there is now no reason NOT to serve your website over HTTPS!

Hostineer is my host since 2008 and has been great. It’s not very expensive, it has a lot of features (SSH access, sub-domains, etc.) with the basic package and the service is fast. The infrastructure is regularly updated as well. They also have a feature to enable SSL via Let’s Encrypt automatically via a GUI instead of manually setting up CertBot. Easy and efficient.

That means that Block Fly will soon be fully offline with service workers since they require HTTPS. Yayyyyyyy!

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