Christian Droulers

Agile and flexible programmer

Hell found me

It found me… and I love it already. She’s beautiful, she’s enigmatic, she’s appealing, she’s what I want, she’s what I need and she’s looking at me. Magnificent green eyes, orange and blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, a perfect pointy nose, exciting lips and a body to die for. At this exact moment, I wish time would stop. So I could admire her forever. So I could feel her eyes penetrating my soul over and over again. So this perfect image would never disappear.

Nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. She slowly walks to me, never looking away. Her eyes drill into me, I cannot resist.

‒ Hello, she says, winking her black eyelashes.

I smile at her warm voice, she smiles back and sits in front of me, her eyes straight into mine. She leans forward, making sure to put her cleavage right in my line of sight. She whispers: “What’s your name?” then slips her tongue the length of her upper lip.

She goes through the bedroom door first. I close it behind me and when I turn around, she rests her back on the wall, pulls me to her, wraps her arm around my neck and her right leg around mine. Her red lips engulf mine into an adorable dance of flesh. Her hand finds its way over my pounding heart while tearing my blouse off. My lips caress her neck skin and slowly go lower, discovering soft sensations that elate my mind.

There are no words to describe what the feeling is with her on top of me. Exciting. Exhilarating. Mind blowing. No, not even halfway to the best description. Wait, I found it: “Heavenly”. I’ve never felt so light in my life. Her soft skin brushing against mine, her heavy exhausted breath in my ear, the moist air surrounding us. “Best time ever” I whisper. She lifts her head over mine. Her lips form into a dirty smirk and she goes at it again.

The air is hot, I’m drenched in sweat, hers and mine, panting like I ran a hundred kilometres, but there’s no way I’m stopping now. It is way too good to ever stop. It seems she agrees, judging from her exhilarated face, the grave moans she lets out. The rhythm accelerates, she closes her eyes, she moans ever deeper. It’s incredible, impossible to describe. Suddenly, the door opens, light floods the room. I can barely make out the traits of my infuriated wife turning away before Climax.

Had I not realized what was happening or did I just not care? It didn’t seem to matter to either her or me as she slowly let her slender, beautiful body down onto mine once again. Her heat mixes with mine, how hot she is. I turn over and get up.

‒ I’ll be back soon, I said to her smiling.

She didn’t answer, she just slid her beautiful hand over the length of her naked body and smiled in the dirtiest way ever. I walked and headed in the kitchen, in need of energy after such exercise.

I couldn’t move. I was awestruck. I had just come into the kitchen when something struck me. Right then, right now, she walked out the door, looked at me, her green eyes flashed red and she vanished into the night. Now, I’m going under, never coming back. My soul is sucked away from my body while the knife strikes and strikes again.

Sometimes hell is closer to heaven than we think…

But it was worth it.

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