Christian Droulers

Agile and flexible programmer

I just want to dream

I am still but a kid. As I grow up, I feel the need to stay young. I want to remain a kid no matter how old I get. I want to be able to dream anything. Dream. Dream and believe in those dreams. I can’t stand growing up, I can’t stand realizing what life really is. No matter how stupid my dreams may seem, no matter how fantastic and weird they may seem, I am destroyed inside when they die.. Or when they are killed. I know they are only dreams, hard to reach, sometimes impossible, but I don’t care. I like to live in my own little personal world where I am King, Knight and everything else. I do not need nor want anyone to tell my how life is hard, I don’t need nor want anyone to tell me what to do for my own good. I want to dream. Even if it means dreaming my life. Those who say you should live your dream and not dream your life should shut up. What is good for them isn’t for us. I can find my own way by myself. I will do as I please and dream as I please. I’m sad when I’m talking about one of my dreams and someone says that it’s fun that I dream this, but it’s really hard and blahblahblah… This is not the thing to do. If it’s hard, either I already know it, or I don’t care, sometime soon, it’ll smash into my face by itself. I do NOT need anyone to bitchslap me in the face when I feel happy. I can get over stuff without others. I’d rather have my dreams shatter over themselves than someone killing them. Have you ever realized how hard it is to be shot down with a single sentence, even a single word? How annoying it is to deal with all that ensues? The pain, the sorrow, the anger, the fear, the need for destruction… Hope is done to live with, this is what dreams do. How bad can it be to hope? What can it do to you? Nothing. Live and let live. Take care of your life before taking care of others’. I know everyone tells you to exteriorise your emotions. But do NOT mess with mine!

The only thing I want is to be myself. I want to fly, I want to be part of something important, I want to live through a fantastic tale of courage and honour, I want to sing, I want to drive as fast as possible, I want to be a knight, I want to be the king of the world, I want to be invincible, I want… I want… I want to dream…

I dream that I will live forever on…

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