Christian Droulers

Agile and flexible programmer

Obsession 2

As I slide my fingers against her cheek, I feel a chill run down my spine. The thrill of discovery fills me. Her eyes stare deep into mine and then I know she feels the same. I know that as I edge closer to her lips, they will tingle with anticipation. As my hand sifts through her hair, they will twirl with eagerness.

When our lips finally connect, my arm holds her harder and she brings both her hands to my face. In this debacle of passion, our tongues dance together, celebrating their freedom. My taste buds awaken, aroused by the delicious flavours surrounding them. My skin flusters under her gentle hand’s caress. My eyes want to open, to confirm this ecstacy is real. But they don’t. The magnificence of it all is overwhelming. While my senses revel themselves in the sensations, my hand ruffles her hair smoothly, bringing even more pleasure into the mix.

My tongue slides across her lips — tasting of peach — and I kiss her cheek. I nibble on her earlobe gently. She exhales silently, but I can feel all the lust in her. Her desire shivers across her entire skin, creating goosebumps which I caress gently. My lips kiss her neck as her head tilts back. I put my hand around her neck, kissing it some more.

This is it. this is perfection. this moment, this pleasure, this woman. This is what I want for eternity. I want to feel my stomach clench, my heartbeat raise, my eyes widen and my senses awaken.

It cannot stop.

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