Christian Droulers

Agile and flexible programmer

Run for the night

The run

What had taken him? He had never acted like this. Now he was running. Dashing forward like never before. He had left all he was doing behind, just like that, for no reason. Or maybe there was a reason, it was just hiding for the moment. His brain was trying to make him stop, think and figure out was the hell was going on. But the body had a short fuse, a missing connection, or was completely confused over something. It didn’t matter, it would just not respond. It just kept running further into the dusk.

This was fun. She was watching TV, like every other boring night of her life, when she caught a glimpse of the sunset. It had triggered something because she ran outside, towards God knows what. She loved the wind in her hair, it was refreshing. Refreshingly new, actually. She wasn’t even questioning the why of all this, she had found an escape to her usual lifestyle, an escape into the falling darkness.

What the hell? he thought. Not because he had started running towards the sunset, but because he’d get a shitload of scolding when he’d come back. She was crying, spilling her inner wounds when it happened. She had been there for him in hard times, and he wanted to be there for her now. It didn’t matter why he ran, he had to fight it. He had to find a way to be set free from it. He could not let her crying like this, he could not abandon her. Not without a chance to explain, not without knowing what was wrong with him all of a sudden. Never without a fight, even if he’d have to fight against the incoming night.

As darkness kept filling everything, the three of them ran to the disappearing sun. Never stopping, never slowing down, either trying to figure it out, either enjoying it. The moon was already up: the full moon. When the last ray of pure light from the sun was swallowed by the horizon, they stopped. It took them a moment to realize it, then they moved their limbs slowly to make sure they had regained control of themselves over whatever had taken them. Then, they saw each other, all standing besides each other. Eyes darted from person to person, examining features; age, eyes, hair, height, sex. The men found the woman attractive, the woman thought the men were handsome. As they all wanted to speak up, clouds filled the sky, throwing everything into complete darkness.

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